new! excursion program Minsk – Dudutki – Mir – Nesvizh – Minsk


Day 1

-          Pickup at the railway station (at the airport).

-          Breakfast.

City tour of MinskMinsk – the capital of Belarus”.

During the tour you will find out a lot about the rich history of Minsk, you will walk along quiet, secluded small streets of the old city, which unexpectedly will lead you out to the wide modern avenues. You will find out why the city with a thousand-year history is called a young city. You will plunge into the coziness of public gardens and parks. You will also find out what price Minsk has paid during the Great Patriotic War. You will visit the historical centre of the city: Independence Avenue, Independence Square where the House of Government and St. Simon and Helen Church (also known as the Red Church) is situated, Victory Square, Y. Kupala Park, the Isle of Tears, Troitskoye Predmestye (Trinity Suburb), Cathedral of Holy Spirit, City Hall, the Upper Town. The route covers main streets and squares of the capital.

-          Check in.

-          Lunch.

-          Departure for the Dudutki Museum (45 km).

The Dudutki Museum

The museum of material culture and handicrafts Dudutki is located 45 kilometers away from the capital of Belarus Minsk and is situated in the picturesque place on the river Ptich.

The excursion to Dudutki, the unique museum of material culture and handicrafts, gives you a chance to plunge yourself into the atmosphere of Belarus of the 19th century, become acquainted with the ways of country life and discover the secrets of ancient handicrafts. A functioning windmill, a pottery and a joiner's workshop, an ancient forge, a rural bakery and other unique objects…

Here you can turn the potter's wheel, make a souvenir for yourself and in the smithy you can shape a horseshoe “for luck”. Professional potters and blacksmiths can help you.

-     Transfer to hotel.

Day 2

-     Breakfast at the hotel.

-     Check out.

-     Departure for Mir Castle (110 km).

Mir and the Mir Castle

The program of this excursion familiarizes you with an outstanding example of Belarusian architecture of the 16th century - the Mir Castle and museum situated in a watch tower. You will hear a story about the origin of the castle, about his owners and the peculiarities of the architectural style.

-     Lunch


Nesvizh is one of the most interesting Belarusian towns. In Nesvizh, which was the residence of magnates Radziwills during 400 years, you will see the palace and park ensemble, St. Farny Polish Roman Catholic Church, The Slutsk Gate, Bernadine Monastery, Dominican and Jesuit monasteries.

Return to Minsk to the railway station (to the airport).