New! excursion program Minsk – Brest - Belavezhskaya Pushcha – Minsk



Day 1

-          Pickup at the railway station.

-          Breakfast

Brest. City tour of Brest. Brest Fortress.

The program includes a tour around the ancient city of Brest, where you will visit memorial complex the "Brest Hero-Fortress", which was founded in 1969 – 1971 on the territory of the Brest Fortress to immortalize the heroic deed of the defenders of the Brest Fortress.

- Visit to the museum of the Brest fortress.

- Check in

- Lunch

The Berestye Archeology Museum and the Museum of Saved Values

The Berestye Archeology Museum is Europe’s unique museum of the medieval East-Slavonic town. It is located on the territory of Volyn fortification of the Brest Fortress, at the place where the city sprang. The basis for the establishment of the museum was uncovered well-preserved constructions of the 13th century. Archaeological excavation - the main museum piece – occupies an area of 1000 m. At a depth of 4 m a part of the artisan block of the 13th century is situated - 30 residential and utility buildings and two streets.

The Museum of Saved Values is the unique and the only one of its kind on the territory of the CIS. The museum collection includes objects of art and antiques, confiscated by Brest customs officers when the attempts of smuggling across the border were made.

Most of the exposition is occupied by the ancient icons of the 16th – 20th centuries. There is also the exhibit hall of eastern culture, where the statues of Buddha, Chinese and Japanese vases are situated. In the exhibit halls of Russian and West European paintings you will see paintings by Aivazovsky, sketches by Wrubel, works by Vinogradov, Myasoedov, Klever, Derby and Antaneli.

Day 2

-          Breakfast at the hotel

-          Check out

Belavezhskaya Pushcha: residence of Father Frost, open-air cages, museums.

A competent guide will tell you a fascinating story about the past and present of the Belavezhskaya Pushcha (the Forest of Belavezha), you will see the unique woodland scenery, unusual trees and you will be able to see wild animals in open-air cages and visit the Museum of Nature. The estate of Father Frost occupies about 15 hectares and there you may see a lot of fairy-tale characters. In the center of attention is the house of Father Frost, decorated with carvings and thousands of lights, the small house of Snow Maiden and the Museum of Father Frost. In the estate there is a magic well, a fabulous mill, a beautiful pond and an enormous spruce, which arouses admiration and around which both in winter and in summer people sing and dance in a ring.

-          Departure to the railway station