new! excursion program Minsk – Zaslavl – Budslau – Mosar – Minsk


-          Pick up at the railway station (at the airport)

-          Breakfast

-          City tour of MinskMinsk – the capital of Belarus”.

During the tour you will find out a lot about the rich history of Minsk, you will walk along quiet, secluded small streets of the old city, which unexpectedly will lead you out to the wide modern avenues. You will find out why the city with a thousand-year history is called a young city. You will plunge into the coziness of public gardens and parks. You will also find out what price Minsk has paid during the Great Patriotic War. You will visit the historical centre of the city: Independence Avenue, Independence Square where the House of Government and St. Simon and Helen Church (also known as the Red Church) is situated, Victory Square, Y. Kupala Park, the Isle of Tears, Troitskoye Predmestye (Trinity Suburb), Cathedral of Holy Spirit, City Hall, the Upper Town. The route covers main streets and squares of the capital.

-          Check in

-          Lunch


Sightseeing tour of Zaslavl: the ancient settlement "Val" (“Mound”) and the Calvinist cathedral (16th century), the ancient settlement "Zamechak" (10th century), the town square and the St. Mary's Roman-Catholic church. Excursion to the museum of Zaslavl - art of a historical gobelin, national musical instruments. Excursion to the ethnographic complex and acquaintance with Pani Zosya, who will tell about mill, barn and smithy. Excursion ends in the “Hut of Zavoznik" with a performance of folk ensemble and a delicious treat, such as meat with mushrooms and potato pancakes served in jugs, the Belarusian national drink "Krupnik" and tea with pancakes. Visitors can sing and dance. Plunge into the world of folklore and cordiality of hospitable Belarusian land.

Day 2

-          Breakfast at the hotel

-          Check out

Budslau – Mosar


Everyone who loves Belarus should visit village Budslau which is located in Myadzel district of Minsk region. Especially this place is worth visiting for pious people. Hundreds of pilgrims from all over Belarus and also from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia gather here to bow to a miraculous icon of Mother of God of Budslau in the well-known Bernardine Roman-Catholic church.

Its architecture is recognized as unique and not having analogues in the whole former Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (Rech Pospolitaya). It is enormous (width almost 50 metres, length - 62 metres) and imposing example of architecture of late baroque.

-          Return to Minsk to the railway station (to the airport)


Many tourists come to the village Mosar in Glubokoe district not only to look at the church of the 18th century which is an exact copy of work by Michelangelo - a sculpture of the Mother of God mourning over Jesus removed from a cross, but also to see and speak to an extraordinary man - the senior priest of St. Anna Roman-Catholic church in Mosar Joseph Bulka, who was honored by Pope John Paul 2 a title "canon" for development of spirituality. This not indifferent man has created a real museum complex around the church and has grown up a surprisingly beautiful garden. It is the place where you can revive your physical and mental energy.

- Departure to the railway station