new! excursion program Minsk – Strochitsy – Minsk – Liubcha – Novogrudok – Minsk


Pickup at the railway station (at the airport).

-          Breakfast.

City tour around MinskMinsk – the capital of Belarus”.

During the tour you will find out a lot about the rich history of Minsk, you will walk along quiet, secluded small streets of the old city, which unexpectedly will lead you out to the wide modern avenues. You will find out why the city with a thousand-year history is called a young city. You will plunge into the coziness of public gardens and parks. You will also find out what price Minsk has paid during the Great Patriotic War. You will visit the historical centre of the city: Independence Avenue, Independence Square where the House of Government and St. Simon and Helen Church (also known as the Red Church) is situated, Victory Square, Y. Kupala Park, the Isle of Tears, Troitskoye Predmestye (Trinity Suburb), Cathedral of Holy Spirit, City Hall, the Upper Town. The route covers main streets and squares of the capital.

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The museum is situated in a suburban area of Minsk, four kilometers to the northwest from the capital, between the villages Ozertso and Strochitsa. The waters of silent Ptich and historically known river Menka incorporate here. Monuments of national architecture from different historical and ethnographic areas of Belarus are located in a cozy environment. Here, near an ancient settlement, the History and Culture have united in order to create a new, museum life…

The scientifically-proved structure of its exposition is based on division of material culture of Belorussian people into districts according to which the territory of the republic is divided into the following regions: Pooziorje (Lake District), Podneprovje (Dnieper District), the Central Belarus, East and Western Polesie, Ponemonje (Neman District). The sectors "Mestechko" (a small town-like settlement) and "Unique monuments" are separately provided. Each region is represented by a fragment of typical settlement of the 19th - early 20th century with traditional building (utility structure and cult buildings, manors and yards, industrial buildings, small forms and memorial monuments).

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Day 2

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Thorny way of the King

This excursion-animation tells about the founder of The Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the first and the last king of Lithuania - Mindovg. During the excursion you will trace the course of life of King Mindovg since his appearance on a political arena till his death through the conspirators fault.

The excursion program begins with the Mir Castle, which is a symbol of the Belarusian Middle Ages. The castle, which was erected at the very beginning of the 16th century by magnates Iljiniches, by the end of the century passed under guardianship of Radziwills. Nikolai Kristof Radziwill nicknamed Sirotka (orphan), who as a young man travelled through half of Europe and also visited Egypt and Palestine, decides to reconstruct the castle to his mind. That is how a castle complex was formed in small town of Mir, which combines peculiarities of the Gothic style and the style of the Renaissance.

Lyubcha had a good luck because for many centuries it had serious guardians. Prince Mindovg himself was the owner of this town in the 13th century. Then Lyubcha belonged to Hreptoviches, Gashtolds, Kishkas, Radziwills. In the 80's of the 16th century the Lithuanian hetman Jan Kishka erects on the bank of Neman a 4-tower castle, the separate fragments of which have remained till nowadays.

In the same place the first part of the animation program will be held where the boyars of Novogrudok (tourists) will carry on negotiations with Mindovg and invite him to a throne of Novogrudok. If the parties manage to agree – the further way lies from Lyubcha in legendary Novogrudok.

- Departure to Novogrudok

- Lunch

Novogrudok is one of the most ancient towns on the territory of Belarus. The first documentary mention of the town dates back to the 11th century. By the 12th century the settlement consisted of a fortress on the Castle Rock, a fortified district on the territory of the neighboring upland (the Small Castle) and a trading quarter. Novogrudok was the residence of the princes of The Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the large trading-craft centre. Apart from the ruins of the 13th century castle there is also a church in the city, which is of the same age with the Mir Castle, and also a Farny Roman-Catholic church, erected by Grand prince Vitovt. Right here the Polish king Jagajlo got married in church to his last wife Sofia of Golshany and right here Adam Mickiewicz was christened.

The reconstruction of the crowning of Mindovg of 1253 will be held in the castle. Tourists have an opportunity to learn medieval dances, become witnesses of thrilling knight tournaments as well as to carry a gown and subjects of royal power to the king. In the end of the program in Novogrudok the visitors will become witnesses of the attack on Mindovg by the conspirators. The program "Way of king Mindovg" ends with a small fire show.

Take part in the crowning of the first king of Lithuania and find out why the first Lithuanian king was crowned in Belarus. We will tell and show you the whole way of King Mindovg in the history of Belarus.

- Return to Minsk to the railway station (airport)