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05.07.2010 new! excursion program Minsk – Strochitsy – Minsk – Liubcha – Novogrudok – Minsk

We will acquaint you with Minsk in all its variety: you will feel the breath of history in the historical centre – and the dynamism of wide modern avenues. And you are also to make a trip to Strochitsy where the monuments of national architecture from different historic and ethnographic regions of Belarus are collected. You will plunge yourself into the atmosphere of the Belarus Middle Ages, having seen its symbol - the Mir castle. And at last you will go to Ljubcha and Novogrudok where an animation program «Thorny road of the king» waits for you: the given excursion-animation tells about the founder of The Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the first and last King of Lithuania – Mindovg. On your eyes the boyars of Novogrudok will invite Mindovg to the throne of Novogrudok, in the castle a reconstruction of his crowning of 1253 will pass: you can even take part in it! And an acquaintance with lake Svitjaz with which an ancient legend is connected also waits for you!

05.07.2010 new! excursion program Minsk – Zaslavl – Budslau – Mosar – Minsk

Minsk historical and Minsk modern: how these two aspects of the city harmonize, you learn from our excursion. Then you will visit Zaslavl. Its sights – the ancient settlement "Val" (“Mound”) and the Calvinist cathedral (16th century), the ancient settlement "Zamechak" (10th century), the city square and the St. Mary's Roman-Catholic church will transfer you to atmosphere of olden times. You will make an excursion to the ethnographic complex which ends in the “Hut of Zavoznik" with a performance of a folklore collective and entertainments. And a trip to Budslav also waits for you – a small town with a rich history which has kept monuments of architecture and landscape gardening art and a trip to Mosar – one of the most beautiful places of Belarus which main sight is the St. Anna Roman-Catholic church.

05.07.2010 New! excursion program Minsk – Brest - Belavezhskaya Pushcha – Minsk

We will open for you Brest – an ancient city on the western border of the country. You will see the memorial complex «Brest fortress-hero», visit the archaeological museum "Berestje" – the unique museum in Europe of a medieval East Slavic town and also the museum «Saved Art Values». And at last a meeting with the Belovezhskaya Pushcha waits for you: you will plunge yourself into the beauty of unique wood landscapes, you can look at wild animals in open-air cages, visit the Museum of Nature. And you will also get acquainted with Father Frost in his estate.

05.07.2010 new! excursion program Minsk – Mound of Glory – Khatyn – Stalin Line – Minsk – State Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War

The variety of Minsk will open before you: the historical city centre – and the modern aspect of the capital, besides you will see the well-known Mound of Glory. You will also visit the memorial architectural and sculptural complex Khatyn. After that the historical and cultural complex "Stalin Line" waits for you. It is a military-historical museum in the open air where a company sector of the fortified area is recreated and equipped and the most complete exposition of the military technology in Belarus is collected. And you also visit the Belarusian State Museum of the II World War History.

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