Boriso-Glebskaya Kalozhskaya Church in Grodno

Kalozhskaya Church is a real of the Belarus orthodox architecture-was built upon the Nioman river bank, not far from an ancient castle. Artistically it retains specific trends of the Greek masters architectural practice, which assumed some local building features and arts traditions. The ceramic filled cross-share insets give it a peculiar appearance which demonstrated not only an effective aesthetic idea but had a strong symbolical sense.

All around the interior one can find "voicers" -vessels embedded into the wall with their openings oriented towards the church interior. That served to significant bettering of acoustic conditions in the church. In the fifteenth century the church was rebuilt in shapes of a fortress-like church, according to that time existed tradition. Further more reconstruction works turned it into a Uniat Church. In the nineteenth century Kalozhskaya church was partially destroyed by landslides.