The Buynichsky field

The Buynichsky field - a courage and firmness symbol, represents today a open-air museum armor. Among exhibits the German Pz III tank is especially interesting. Under the certificate of experts, it is the most well remained sample in the world.

On the Buynichsky field on July 12, 1941 in rigid fight by defenders of the city 39 German tanks were destroyed. As it is known in July 1941 here 23 days the one and only division held defense. But there were fights earlier – in the 1595th the risen peasants battled to horse armies of magnates of Grand Duchy of Lithuania, in the 1812th fights with Napoleon's army here were conducted.

Chapel walls inside are revetted with light marble. On them memorial boards with hundred surnames of soldiers and the national rebels who were lost at defense of Mogilyov are placed. In the chapel center — "Foucault's Pendulum" Buynichsky memorial. Under a chapel there is a crypt intended for a solemn reburial of remains of lost soldiers of Red Army, the fights found on fields in vicinities of Mogilyov.

The memorial complex "Buynichsky Field" was opened on May 9, 1995 for the purpose of perpetuation of a feat of all defenders of Mogilyov, and in particular, soldiers 388 shooting regiments of the 172nd shooting division and rebels of Mogilyov. Since 2002 the Memorial complex to defenders of Mogilyov "the Buynichsky field" is recognized as the historical and cultural value of Belarus.