Pobedy Square

Pobedy Square is the area memorial in the center of Minsk, put in honor of soldiers and the guerrillas who have fallen during World War II.

Opening of the 38th meter memorial was dated for the 10th anniversary of liberation of Belarus from fascist aggressors and took place in 1954. Initially height of a monument was planned for 48 meters, however a monument wanted to hand over to a release 10th anniversary, but weren't in time. That's why was desided to construct it lower, but in time. On four sides of a pedestal of a monument bronze thematic high reliefs are located: "on May 9, 1945", "The Soviet Army in days of the Great Patriotic War", "Guerrillas of Belarus", "Glory to the fallen heroes". Four bronze wreaths round an obelisk symbolize four fronts which fighters participated in release of our republic from fascist aggressors. Granite on facing was brought from under Dnepropetrovsk and Zhitomir, a mosaic for an award of the Victory sent from Academy of Arts of Leningrad, the carving on granite was executed by the Ukrainian masons, bronze high reliefs, the sword and wreaths were cast by the Leningrad handymen of Monumentskulptura plant.

In day of the seventeenth anniversary from the date of liberation of Minsk, on July 3, 1961 at a monument of the Victory the Eternal flame was lit.

Pobedy Square till 1958 was called Round Square. And its shape started being formed in 1939 when started building two bow-shaped houses according to the project арх. R.Stolera. During war of the building were partially destroyed.