By tracks of A. Mitskevich

"The land of Novogroudok! The my native edge!" - so wrote the great poet Adam Mitskevitch about those places which you should be visited.

The route passes on Novogroudok's area - the native land of the great poet. During excursion you'll visit manor-museum Zaosye in Baranovitchy region - the supposive birthplace of the great Poet, with excursion. Survey of Tuganovichy park where young Mitskevitch met with Mariay Verechaka; Philaret's Stone at which gathered young "philaret's" - Adam Mitskevitch, Tomash Zun, Yian Chechot; will see reserved lake Svitjaz. A sightseeing tour on the first capital of the Great Lithuanian Principality - the Novogroudok with visiting house-Adam Mitskevich's House-Museum in Navahrudakmuseum of Adam Mitskevitch. Survey of Novogroudok's castle kept towers of XII c, at which walls in 2000 passed the international knightly tournament; the St.Nicholas church (1780), the St.Michael church (1624), Kurgan of Immortality are formed in honour of the poet, Catholic church XV c where the king of Poland Yagailo with princess Sofia Gol'shanskoj was held wedding, here was christened future poet Adam Mitskevich.

Travel enables to familiarize with the places becoming a source of the poet inspiration, with monuments of the Novogroudok region and with picturesque nature near river Neman.