The ethnographical museum "DUDUTKI"

The ethnographical museum Dudutki (40 km from Minsk) is the first and only private museum of material culture. Here the past and present are brought together. This is a museum of handicrafts where a piece of clay, steel or wood is brought to life before your eyes.

The museum was founded in 1993, and it covers the territory of 160 hectares. In the Dudutki museum activities and entertainment combine in harmony with nature and history. Former inhabitants of Dudutki estate in the 19th century owned it for 130 years. An attempt to reconstruct an 18th, 19th, and early 20th century Belarusian village is being made. They made Dudutky one of the centres of cultural life in Belarus. Whoever you are, irrespective of age or position, plunge yourself into the atmosphere of the 19th century, get to know the ways of country life and discover the secrets of ancient handicrafts.

Here you visit a museum of national crafts, will see a windmill, make horse walk, can shape a horseshoe "for luck" in a rural smithy. Here you are waited with visit to a tavern in the style "country" and a fare on antiquarian cars from an interesting collection. The potter will mould a jug for you in memory, and will give up the place behind a potter's wheel. You will see how bakers rural bread, will drive by a boat on the river Ptich'. Souvenirs, beautiful ancient ceremonies and songs, the Belarusian bath-house, an atmosphere of a country holiday - all this waits for you in Dudutki!