State History Museum of Theater and Music Culture of Republic of Belarus

Address: Minsk, Muzykalnyj lane 5

The museum is located in the beautiful old building, so-called "The house of masons". The Museum was established on March 23 in 1990. The major fond of the museum at the end of 2011 consisted of 23 246 units of storage, scientific and auxiliaries- 2482 units. The museum fund annually replenishes. For example, in 2010 the contrabass of the XVIII century of work of the Italian master got to a fund (probably Pietro Antonio Landolfi) which was donated by the Belarusian State Academy of Music.

Funds of a museum share on 10 collections: musical instruments, musical manuscripts, documentary materials, photos and photographic reproductions, posters and programs, graphic materials, phonorecords, videos, rare printing editions, memorial things.

The total area of an exposition makes 362 sq.m. The museum has 10 expositions and 1 showroom.