The National Arts Museum of the Republic of Belarus

The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus is the most significant gathering of fine arts well known in the world of culture.

The basis of the state collection of art values of Belarus formed the works of art gathered at the first historical and regional studies museums of Minsk, Vitebsk and Mogilev after the civil war. In 1957 the Picture Gallery was renamed into The State Art Museum of the BSSR and was housed in a new building designed by the architect M.I.Baklanov. Since 1993, by the decree of the government, the museum enjoys the status of the National museum. The museum carries out the extensive work for enlargement of its exhibitions. Independent departments and branches are opened, such as The Museum of the Belarusian Folk Art in Raubichi, Mozyr District Picture Gallery in v.Guriny (Mozyr district, Gomel region), The Museum of Vitold K.Byalynitski- Birulya in Mogilev. Architectural monuments are restored and made suitable for museum exhibitions, such as "Castle-and- park complex of the 15th20th centuries" in Mir (Korelichi district, Grodno region) "Architectural complex of the 16th-18th centuries" in Golshany (Oshmyany district, Grodno region), "The Van'koviches memorial house. Culture and art of the first half of the 19th century".

As of the beginning of 2001 the museum holds 25610 items of painting, graphics, sculpture and decorative and applied art.