Open-air museum of folk architecture and housing “Ozertso”

It is a charming tiny village situated on the picturesque banks of the river Ptich. Examples of wooden folk architecture of all regions of Belarus are represented here.

Peasant houses, barns, windmills, churches, a tavern - all buildings  were moved from different parts of the country and brought together in one place. All this is genuine.

Pieces of villages having been kept up from previous centuries till nowadays introduce the rural style of life in different parts of old Belarus. The architecture, an interior of the houses, numerous domestic utensils, articles of applied arts, agricultural implements used by the rural population in the past show us the way of life of our ancestors.

Belarusian state museum of national architecture and life (belor. Беларускі дзяржаўны museum national архітэктуры i побыту) is located in the southwest from Minsk, in the village Ozerco (Minsk district).

It is based on December 9, 1976. The creation of a museum was preceded by a number of articles on pages of republican editions about need of preservation of monuments of wooden architecture and national material culture.

About 40 architectural exhibits of national construction grouped in expositions are concentrated on the area of a museum: Central Belarus, Poozerye, Podneprovye.