Stalin Line

The Stalin Line was a line of fortifications along the western border of the Soviet Union. Work began on the system in the 1920s to protect the USSR against western aggression. The line was made up of concrete bunkers and gun emplacements, somewhat similar but less elaborate than the Maginot Line. Historical and cultural complex "Stalin Line" was opened on June 30, 2005.

It is dedicated to heroic defense of Belarusian territory against German fascist invaders. The main theme of the complex is history of preparation of the country for protection in case of attack. During 1932 - 1939 years on the borders of huge territory of The Soviet Union the line of fortifications has been building. That line received an informal name as "Stalin Line".

Today's historical and cultural complex is a part of the territory of Minsk fortified region. On the area of nearly 30 hectares artillery and machine-gun pillboxes were restored, antipersonnel and antitank barriers were reconstructed, army crossing was created, expositions of engineering and military equipment work and so on. No falsification! The historical and cultural complex is unique because touching the exhibits you are touching the history. All the exhibits are real! Many of them remained dents from shells, bullets and splinters, oil of those years. Even guides work in uniform of soldiers and commanders of Red Army.