Programme of Dramatized Performance by the Order of Northern Castle

The programme is full of vus events aimed to most completely deliver the atmosphere of a medieval festival (from 40 minutes to 3.5 hours, combats, dances, music, duels, etc.).ario

Bouhurt (Formation Battle)

A culmination show notable for its heat of passions and mass involvement of the participants. There may be both daytime and night bouhurts, the latter are accompanied by pyrotechnic effects, such as open fire (torches), medieval weapons (handheld cannons), etc. The number of participants - from 40-50 to 200. Duration from 30 minutes up.

Knightly Tournament

A bright show, intended to "set up" the audience. All the combats are held "full contact" with steel weapons. The tournament takes place under unique rules, at the utmost resembling the actual rules of the 13th century. The number of participants - 6 persons and up.

Tournament of Archers and Arbalesters

A spectacular competition interesting both to professionals and to all comers.

Defence of the "Gates" of the Castle

A very amusing competition, where every participant can exhibit his or her smartness, power and valour. Usage of siege weapons (mangonels, trebuchet, catapult and primitive cannons).

Exhibition Fights

A performance by professional fighters from Military and History Clubs.