Entertainment center "UFO"

Today UFO is the biggest entertainment center in Belarus. In the area of 2 000 square meters, we created several zones with many opportunities which make your visit a memorable one. Open 7 days a week featuring a variety of entertainment: bowling, game machines, two bars, a club, a restaurant with the author's Italian and French cuisines, as well as the zone of chill-out.

Each zone of the club has its own unique lightening. The interior of the club has been designed by a team of designers who made it stylish and creative.

Around the periphery you can see plasma and holographic screens that attract your attention.

The new system of noise insulation provides an effective barrier against the loud music on the dance floor and the sound of bowling.

The author's cuisine created by our Chef will turn your evenings into a gastronomic pleasure.

You will be surprised by a wide selections of our wine and cocktail list.