About company

It is a pleasure to introduce our outstanding company and outline a few of the features that distinguish us from the competition. Founded in August 1993 as a private travel company, AlatanTour has earned a reputation as one of the leading travel agencies in Belarus. Today, we are known as one of the most reliable Incoming/Outgoing tour operators available. At AlatanTour, we pride ourselves on our long lasting tradition of reliable service provided by our multilingual personnel.

Our experienced staff have more than 15 years of experience in international tourism - ensuring quality service. In addition, AlatanTour has established connections with service suppliers in Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, and the Ukraine (the countries of the former Soviet Union). Our partners include some of the largest and most respected travel companies in Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and Scandinavian countries. These are only a few of the features that will make your trip easy, efficient and affordable.

At AlatanTour, we are committed to providing incoming clients with a diverse and comprehensive range of travel services at the most competitive rates. AlatanTour offers trips for groups and individuals to practically anywhere in the former USSR. We also organize foreign tours for Belarusian citizens. Our extensive selection of Incoming tours caters to your needs. They take into account the diversity of our clients' age groups and professional interests. Our itineraries include business and ethnic tours, as well as professional trips for policemen and teachers, lawyers, farmers and many others. Our goal is to provide services directed at people from any walk of life and income bracket. For example, people of different religious denominations come to Minsk not only to meet with Belarusian believers but also to preach for them. The cultural environment attracts students and artists, professors and tourists alike. Future ballet stars and gymnasts can take classes with famous coaches and choreographers. Soccer and ice-hockey fans, nature and wild-life lovers, and even huntsmen are frequent guests in Belarus. The above examples include only a fraction of our clients. Our diverse programs can provide service to anyone, no matter what their interests. Also, should your companies have proposals of their own, we would be happy to take them into consideration. To make our service more efficient, we have a centrally located head office and two representative offices in Minsk. Our company is very modern and has kept up to date with the latest technology. Contact us by telephone, fax, or E-mail for more information. For your convenience, we also feature a computerized department to handle ticket reservations and sales. We use the Amadeus reservation system and are an approved IATA agent. We work with Belavia (National Belarusian Airlines), Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, LOT, KLM, and Lithuanian Airlines, to name a few.

At AlatanTour, we are a team. We know our job and like it. We love our native country Belarus and would be pleased to work with you to discover new destinations for foreign tourists. Today, few Western tourists have been exposed to the beauty and diversity of Belarus. Belarus is situated in the center of Europe, midway between Moscow and Warsaw, making it an ideal travel location. One could say, it's where the East ends and the West begins. We invite you to see what Belarus has to offer.

We hope that this brief overview will at least give you an idea of AlatanTour company and its possibilities. Let us work with you to open up new horizons in the field of travel. We hope that this will be the starting point for further cooperation which will prove to be of mutual benefit in the future.