Gomel is one of the most ancient cities of Belarus which arose at the end of the 1st millennium AD on the earth radimichy. Its detinets settled down on the cape formed by the right river bank Sozh and the left coast of a stream falling into Sozh Gomiyuk (nowadays the territory of the Park of Culture and rest of. A.V. Lunacharsky). From the North and the West the detinets was adjoined by the roundabout city round which were formed посады. In the XII—XIII centuries the total area of the city made not less than 40 hectares.

Rumyantsev's and Paskevichey's palace is a monument of architecture of the XVIII—XIX centuries, the main sight of Gomel, the composite center of the Gomel palace and park ensemble which is including, besides the palace, city park, the Peter and Paul cathedral, a chapel tomb, etc. The palace which has injured during the Great Patriotic War was restored after a victory and in it the museum and the Palace of pioneers took place. He was completely given in the second half of the 1990th years to a museum.

The Gomel Palace and park ensemble is a nature sanctuary of republican value, a monument of Gomel architecture from the 2nd half XVIII till the middle of the XIX centuries, unique in Belarus a complex of nature sanctuaries, archeology, history and architecture. It was stretched on 800 m along the right (high) river bank the Sozh.

The winter garden is a monument of architecture of the XIX century, is a part of the Gomel palace and park ensemble. It is created from a greenhouse in 1877 according to instructions of prince F. I.Paskevich in the building of one of shops of sugar plant. In the winter the greenhouse of princes Paskevichey was warmed with two Russian furnaces which were in a cellar.

Hunting lodge is a city mansion in Gomel, a monument of architecture of the first half of the XIX century. It is constructed in 1820 - 1822 according to the project of architect Ivan Petrovitch Dyachkov in style of late classicism, as one of houses in system of farmstead ensemble. In archival documents of count Rumyantsev the house for summer accommodation the column" is mentioned as ".

Chapel tomb Paskevichey — a chapel tomb as a part of the Gomel palace and park ensemble. It is constructed in 1870-1889 by Feodor Ivanovich Paskevich for rest of family members Paskevichey owning the Gomel palace and park from 1834 to 1918.

The Peter and Paul cathedral — the orthodox cult construction being in park of Gomel, enters into the Gomel palace and park ensemble.