Mogilyov — the fourth by number of inhabitants the city of Belarus. The population in the end of January, 2013 makes 366 810 people. It is located on picturesque coast of Dnepr, in 645 km from its source. The extensive network railway and the highways dispersing from the city in all directions, connects it with the largest industrial and cultural centers of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

Sundial, monument "Astrologer" in the center of the square the sculpture of the Astrologer which carries out function of a sundial is established, 12 chairs, everyone with the zodiac sign around are placed. It is the only monument to the Astrologer in the world.

The city town hall is constructed in 1679, restored in the 2008th. In the building the museum of history of the city of Mogilyov settles down.

Vitold Kaetanovich Byalynitskogo-Biruli's Mogilyov museum was open on December 24, 1982. It is the first memorial museum in Republic of Belarus, devoted to life and creativity of the well-known artist, the native of Belarus.

Svyato-Nikolsky cloister — an orthodox fconvent  Belarusian exarchate Russian Orthodox Church in the city of Mogilyov. In the territory of a monastery are Sacred Nikolsky Sobor included in UNESCO in the register of the most valuable constructions of Europe in Baroque style and the temple of Saint Onufry Velikogo.

Cathedral of the Assumption of Virgin Mary and Sacred Stanislav — a Catholic cathedral in Mogilyov. Carries the status of a cocathedral church Minsk and Mogilyov archdiocese. The architecture monument in Baroque style, is constructed in 1738 — 1752. In an interior frescos are allocated for biblical themes on the temple arches.

The Buynichsky field - a courage and firmness symbol, represents today a open-air museum armor.

The ethnographic complex "Belarusian Village" a number of lodges of the Belarusian village, is carried out display of work of masters: potter, weaver, carpenter, etc. There is a cafe, restaurant and hotel.