Vitebsk is located in east part of Vitebsk district on the river Zapadnaya Dvina. The second most ancient city of the country after Polotsk. The third on population.

The name takes the city from the river Vitba about which mouth Vitebsk was founded.

Marc Shagall memorial house museum. This building at the beginning of the 1900th years was constructed by the father of the artist, and Marc Chagall spent here the youthful years about what he wrote in the autobiographical book "My Life" later. The memorial house museum was open here in 1997. In its household items of XIX—XX centuries, and copies of archival documents and works of the artist, lives telling about years of Marc Chagall and a family of his parents in Vitebsk are presented.

Pobedy Square in Vitebsk — the biggest square in Belarus. Its length — 380 m, width is 190 m, perimeter — 1140 m, and total area — 16,5 hectares. It is created by building of houses in 1960 — 1970

The Blagoveshchensk church — a monument of drevnepolotsky architecture of the XII century, standing in the center of Vitebsk on the left coast of Zapadnaya Dvina. The average nave is wider than the lateral. It is demolished in 1961, and then recreated in the 1990s from modern materials.

Uspensky cathedral in Vitebsk — the temple in Vitebsk, a monument of architecture of vilensky baroque. At construction San Carlo-al-Korso temple is taken for a sample in Rome. The architect — I.Fontana. Costs on the Uspensky hill. Orthodox cathedral — since 1799 (was under construction in 1743 — 1777 as uniatskiya). It is blown up in 1936 and it is recreated at the beginning of the XXI century as the orthodox temple.