Address: 13, Skoriny ave., Polotsk, 211400 Republic of Belarus

Tel.:+375 214 42-22-35

Location: located on the bank of the Zapadnaya Dvina 

ACCOMMODATION: The hotel Slavyanskiy is located on the bank of the Zapadnaya Dvina, the river was sung in legends – once given life to the Polotsk principality, one of the largest principalities in ancient Russia.

To services of guests hotel with a capacity of 111 numbers of the highest and first category on 205 places. The rooms of the hotel have the modern design, a pleasant interior, are technically equipped with household appliances (the refrigerator, the TV, a teapot, the hair dryer). Also in each number there is a bathroom with a shower cabin, and in luxury rooms - a big angular bathroom.

If the traveler has a desire to understand Slavic spirit, the Belarusian hospitality, he should visit the hotel Slavyansky.


• Conference hall

• Business centre

• Parking,

• Wi-Fi,

• Hairdressing salon



The restaurant Slavyanskiy is issued in style of a drawing room of the XIX century taking into account current trends. The menu of restaurant is a cuisine of the Slavic people. Days of ethnic Belarusian cuisine are weekly spent. During fasts the special lenten menu is developed. Culinary councils on development and deployment of new dishes are monthly carried out.

Besides this, in the building of the hotel there are two cafes: “Stary Gorod” and “Dzvina”.

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